Victim of Love Full Movie

Victim of Love posterPlot: Carla Simmons is a disturbed suicidal young woman, who can't get over her deceitful ex boyfriend. Tess Palmer is her therapist and she's truly worried about Carla's mental state and wants to help her in any way she can. One evening at a party, Tess meats Paul Tomlinson, a charming swab widowed professor with clear interest in her. They become lovers and Tess couldn't be happier. However, during one of her sessions with Carla, she realizes in shock that Carla's ex is her Paul. This is especially worrisome, since Carla claims that Paul's wife's death was no accident. Who should she trust?
Rating: 5.5/10 (341 votes)
Director: Jerry London
Writer: James Desmarais, Alison Rosenfeld Desmarais
Stars: Pierce Brosnan, JoBeth Williams, Virginia Madsen, Georgia Brown
Runtime: 99 min
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Released: 1991 May 05