To Each His Own Full Movie

To Each His Own posterPlot: During World War I, small-town girl Josephine Norris has an illegitimate son by an itinerant pilot. After a scheme to adopt him ends up giving him to another family, she devotes her life to loving him from afar.
Rating: 7.8/10 (1 votes)
Director: Mitchell Leisen
Writer: Charles Brackett,Jacques Théry
Stars: Olivia de Havilland,Mary Anderson,Roland Culver,Phillip Terry,Bill Goodwin,Virginia Welles,Victoria Horne,Griff Barnett,Alma Macrorie,Billy Ward,Frank Faylen,Willard Robertson,Arthur Loft,Virginia Farmer,Doris Lloyd
Runtime: 122 min
Genre: Drama,Romance
Released: 1946 Mar 12
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