They Came from the Attic Full Movie

They Came from the Attic posterPlot: A family comprised of Richard Hooper, his wife, Susan, their teenage daughter, Jen , and young son, Ben try to deal with the tragic death of their son Todd with a move to a picturesque yet mysterious farmhouse in Montana. Jen Hooper blames herself for the accident which took the life of her young brother and is not only guilt ridden but overly protective of Ben. Jen quickly becomes convinced that something is not right with the house after peculiar occurrences with young Ben. Ben can't articulate what he's seen since he stopped speaking when his brother died, and Jen's story is met with skepticism by her parents. The creepy neighbors next door only add to Jen's suspicion that her father's "dream house" is turning into a nightmare. Mayhem ensues when the parents leave Jen alone to babysit young Ben. The creatures from the attic attack and Jen isn't about to lose her only remaining brot her. Now the guilt and shame that has haunted her is the only thing keeping her and her brother alive.
Rating: 4.7/10 (48 votes)
Director: Jason Mills
Writer: Jason Mills
Stars: Leon Bourikos,Nathan Dashwood,Robert L. Duncan,Nicola Elbro,Krista Fowler,Hazuki Kambe,Amanda Konkin,Julian LeBlanc,Jason Mills,Johnny Mills,Paul Mills,Simon Mills,Dick Pugh,Marina Seretis,Daniel St. Andrews
Runtime: 73 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama,Horror,Thriller
Released: 2009 Oct 29