The Vampire Conspiracy Full Movie

The Vampire Conspiracy posterPlot: Five strangers are abducted by a 250 year-old vampire, and placed into a deadly game of wits and endurance. Should they make it through the maze alive, they will receive the vampire's entire fortune - riches beyond their wildest dreams. Should they fail, they become victims to his hunger and are placed back in the game. The only clues to their salvation are the seven words scrawled on the floor throughout the maze and an insane man who was a participant in the last game. Complications arise, when the group discovers an outside event that makes each of them want the others dead. The situation has changed, and they don't know whom to fear more, the vampires in the maze, or each other.
Rating: 3.2/10 (131 votes)
Director: Marc Morgenstern
Writer: Marc Morgenstern
Stars: Sarah Boes, Adrian M. Pryce, Ron Mazor, Christiane Garcia
Runtime: 90 min
Genre: Horror
Released: 2005 Oct 30