The Lingering Full Movie

The Lingering posterPlot: On New Year's Eve, Qingyi (Athena Chu) and her son, Dawa, were waiting for her husband to come home from work but he never showed up. Meanwhile, Dawa keeps seeing a stranger who is invisible to Qingyi. Leaving Dawa under the care of her neighbour, she heads to the village to find out her husband’s whrereabouts. Qingyi returns home and sees a stranger hiding in her house…
Rating: 6.1/10 (24 votes)
Director: Ho Pong Mak,Derrick Tao
Writer: Edmond Wong,Dong Zheng
Stars: Bob Yin-Pok Cheung,Kai-Chung Cheung,Athena Chu,Fung Lee
Runtime: 86 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Horror
Released: 2018 Sep 25
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