The Daughter of Dawn Full Movie

The Daughter of Dawn posterPlot: Daughter of Dawn told the story of a Comanche chief's daughter torn between two lovers, one wealthy but cowardly, the other poor but honest and loyal. A contest of bravery involving a dangerous jump off of a cliff reveals the true nature of each man. The cowardly lover disgraced by his failing defects to the rival Kiowa tribe and joins in a failed attack on the Comanche village. When the Comanches successfully repel the attack the Chief gladly sends his daughter off with her true love and the young lovers, paddling together in a canoe, sail into the proverbial sunset.
Rating: 5.7/10 (284 votes)
Director: Norbert A. Myles
Writer: Richard Banks,Norbert A. Myles
Stars: Belo Cozad,Em-koy-e-tie,Hunting Horse,Esther LeBarre,Wanada Parker,White Parker,Jack Sankeydoty,Old Man Saupitty,Slim Tyebo,Oscar Yellow Wolf
Runtime: 80 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Western
Released: 1920 Oct 01