The Craving Full Movie

The Craving posterPlot: Leading a double life, Chef Ronnie spends her days as a charming celebrity chef who thrives and shines as owner of a trendy Spanish tapas restaurant in San Francisco, and spends her nights in ways too gruesome to fathom. As Chef Ronnie's reputation scorches up the culinary scene, San Francisco's murder count hits a record high. Haunted by her past in the form a vengeful lover, and caught in the seductive cross fire of an increasingly serious relationship; Chef Ronnie has bitten off more than she can chew.
Rating: 3.8/10 (26 votes)
Director: Valerie R. Castro
Writer: Valerie R. Castro
Stars: Mariel Ala Mode,Velocity Chyaldd,Anna Curtis,Natasha Estrada,Fudgie Frottage,Sunshine Jones,Val Killmore,Jamie Lauren,Brian Levy,Tuck Mayo,Lady Monster,Johnnie Rodriguez,Kate Rohan,Michael Soldier,Mia Vixen
Genre: Comedy,Drama,Horror,Thriller
Released: 2015 Jun 22