The Commodore Story Full Movie

The Commodore Story posterPlot: The story of the Commodore PET, VIC-20, C64 and Amiga from engineers, games developers and how Commodore influenced the first 8-bit generation users.
Rating: 6.9/10 (91 votes)
Director: Steven Fletcher
Writer: Steven Fletcher
Stars: R.J. Mical,Rob Hubbard,Leonard Tramiel,Chris Huelsbeck,Mark Knight,Dave Haynie,Bil Herd,David Pleasance,Gail Wellington,David Murray,Ben Daglish,Randell Jesup,Michael Tomczyk,Jeff Porter,Ron Nicholson
Runtime: 120 min (original)
Rated: N/A
Genre: Documentary
Released: 2018 Feb 23
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