The Boat That Rocked Full Movie

Pirate Radio posterPlot: "The Boat That Rocked" is an ensemble comedy in which the romance takes place between the young people of the '60s and pop music. It's about a band of rogue DJs that captivated Britain, playing the music that defined a generation and standing up to a government that wanted classical music, and nothing else, on the airwaves. The Count, a big, brash, American god of the airwaves; Quentin, the boss of Radio Rock -- a pirate radio station in the middle of the North Sea that's populated by an eclectic crew of rock and roll DJs; Gavin, the greatest DJ in Britain who has just returned from his drug tour of America to reclaim his rightful position; Dave, an ironic, intelligent and cruelly funny co-broadcaster; and a fearsome British government official out for blood against the drug takers and lawbreakers of a once-great nation.
Rating: 7.4/10 (93239 votes)
Director: Richard Curtis
Writer: Richard Curtis
Stars: Michael Hadley, Charlie Rowe, Lucy Fleming, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Runtime: 117 min
Rated: R
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Released: 2009 Nov 13
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