Teeth and Blood Full Movie

Teeth and Blood posterPlot: Diva actress Elizabeth Thornrich is murdered on the film set of famous Hollywood Director Vincent Augustine's latest film "Chapel Blood", and the body has disappeared. Homicide Division head Captain Parker assigns detectives Mike Hung, 29, and Sasha Colfax, 27, to go undercover on the set. Captain Parker is trying to keep the murder out of the press in order to trap the killer and not interrupt the film's production, because all the profits will be donated to the financially strapped city to open a synthetic blood bank. The city's blood donation supply is critically low and people are dying. Unbeknownst to all, the blood is being devoured by vampires, so they won't have to bite humans. Greedy Mayor Harvey Wright has made a deal with director Augustine to get kickbacks from the synthetic blood bank. At the same time, head of the largest vampire coven is plotting to have his rival covens drink the synthetic blood, not revealing that it weakens vampires over time and will ultimately put ...
Rating: 4.4/10 (30 votes)
Director: Al Franklin,Pamela J. Richardson
Writer: Amina Ali,Al Franklin
Stars: Glenn Plummer,Michelle Van Der Water,Sean Hutchinson,Danielle Vega,King Kedar,Frantz Turner,Marshal Hilton,Steffinnie Phrommany,Greg Eagles,Jacqui Holland,Marisha Shine,Keith Everett,Clint Jung,Matthew Fling,Stuart G. Bennett
Genre: Action,Horror
Released: 2015 Mar 10