Tarnation Full Movie

Tarnation posterPlot: When wannabe-singer Oscar is fired from her band and her boyfriend walks out, she heads to a remote cabin in the woods outside a ghost town called Tarnation to reflect on her life choices. But the woods are home to a demon unicorn, whose satanic master seeks Oscar's blood to complete a ritual that will raise Satan himself from Hell. Oscar must battle with a ungodly force of evil, capable of possessing any soul, to not only save her own life but to stop TARNATION descending upon the world.
Rating: 3.6/10 (177 votes)
Director: Daniel Armstrong
Writer: Daniel Armstrong
Stars: Sarah Howett,Emma-Louise Wilson,Daisy Masterman,Jasy Holt,Joshua Diaz,Blake Waldron,Danae Swinburne,Sean McIntyre,Nathalie Gellé,Mitchell Brotz,Jen Costello,Benjamin Hall,Mark Entwistle,Joshua Black
Runtime: 90 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Comedy,Horror
Released: 2017 Nov 24
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