SoulMaid Full Movie

SoulMaid posterPlot: Loosely based on the classic story of Sleeping Beauty, this irreverent fairy tale for modern audiences follows a man named Moses (Joe Schneck), whose frequent seizures are characterized by the appearance of Glintentica, a spurned Goddess planning her return to earth. Problems arise when Glintentica becomes determined to take over the soul of David (Tom Bailey), Moses' new love interest. Enlisting the help of a priest, his roommate (Becca Connolly), and David, Moses embarks on a fantastic quest to find the key to destroying Glintentica once and for all.
Rating: 3.3/10 (104 votes)
Director: Jeffrey Maccubbin,Jeffrey Thomas McHale
Writer: Josef Steiff
Stars: Tom Bailey,Becca Connolly,Joe Schenck
Genre: Comedy,Romance
Released: 2007 Jun 09