Singwa hamgge Full Movie

Singwa hamgge posterPlot: Having died unexpectedly, firefighter Ja-hong is taken to the afterlife by 3 afterlife guardians. Only when he passes 7 trials over 49 days and proves he was innocent in human life, he's able to reincarnate, and his 3 afterlife guardians are by his side to defend him in trial.
Rating: 7.7/10 (2 votes)
Director: Yong-hwa Kim
Writer: Ho-min Ju,Yong-hwa Kim
Stars: Jung-woo Ha,Tae-hyun Cha,Ji-hun Ju,Hyang-gi Kim,Jung-jae Lee,Dong-seok Ma,Kyung-soo Do,Dong-wook Kim,Gwang Jang,Hae-Kyun Jung,Dal-su Oh,Won-hee Im,Joon-hyeok Lee,Su-an Kim,Ha-neul Kim
Runtime: 139 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Action,Drama,Fantasy
Released: 2017 Dec 22