Seven Devils Full Movie

Seven Devils posterPlot: A series of vignettes explore the seven deadly sins. In 'Lust', a blind woman hires a sex worker in the hopes of over coming her lack of sexual experience. In 'Wrath', a healer brings a stabbed convict back from the dead. In 'Greed', two off duty police officers, looking for a place to make out, get held at gun point by two organ harvesters; who refuse to let them go. In 'Gluttony', a priest decides to take time out from listening to confessions, buys drugs from a mute, and parties alone. In 'Envy', Kathy, a lonely ghost, attempts to connect with her home's inhabitants. In 'Pride', Valerie Lina, an image obsessed model escapes to a secretive plastic surgeon in the country side to get a 'new look', and lastly - in 'Sloth', a silent segment, three squatters struggle to survive whilst hiding out in an abandoned warehouse.
Rating: 6.5/10 (59 votes)
Director: Benjamin Rider
Writer: Benjamin Rider
Stars: Cornelius Geaney Jr.,Julia Papp,Darren O'Connor,Emily Stride,Augustina Amoa,Stacey Leigh,Gregory Champkin,Michael Luke Walsh,Richard Summers-Calvert,Louise Tyler,Aurora Fearnley,Michelle Lehane,Kim Waters,Rosalyn Mitchell,Alex Francis
Runtime: 97 min
Genre: Drama,Mystery,Thriller
Released: 2016 May 09