Ni zhuan sheng Full Movie

Ni zhuan sheng posterPlot: A normal summer morning in "Outstanding Pool House," Shine is getting ready for school. Shine is a beautiful and chic girl, but there is a bit of melancholy in her face. Six months ago, her parents died in a terrible car accident and left her nothing beside this pool house. Now, Shine even needs to face the fact that she will be sent to a foster home if there is no one from the family that can come and take care of her. Feng, Shine's uncle, an ex-expert in billiards knows this and decides to come home and takes care of his niece. However, Shine does not appreciate this since, first of all, she is not familiar with his uncle at all. Secondly, after losing everything for gambling, Feng drinks and smokes all day, and those are what Shine hates the most. All in all, how can these two people find the way to reconnect with each other through billiards? Moreover, how can they see the love that runs in their veins for making them the family?
Rating: 6.2/10 (39 votes)
Director: Yann Kung
Writer: Yann Kung,Hsin-Chih Lu
Stars: Shang-Yi Wen,Peijia Huang,Shih-Sian Wang,Jasper Liu,Phoebe Huang,Peng Sun,Angel Yao,Shao-Huai Chang,J.C. Lei,Yako Chan,Allison Fisher,Kelly Fisher,Jasmin Ouschan,Ga-young Kim,Rita Chou
Rated: N/A
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Released: 2014 Nov 07