Narco Hitman Full Movie

Narco Hitman posterPlot: Carson Empman, a famed contract killer, takes vengeance on a powerful drug cartel after his lover is murdered. Known as 'The Ghost', Carson makes a fine living being anonymously hired to take out individuals who need to disappear. His life changes forever when the Chutro drug cartel offers him enough money to not only meet in person, but to join a team to assassinate a Californian mayor who is no longer cooperating. During the planning stage at a cartel-owned winery, Carson is seduced by the beguiling Clarissa, who wishes to tempt Carson into fleeing the killer-for-hire business with her. Carson refuses, never to see Clarissa again, and learns not long after the assassination that she was tortured and killed. To seek vengeance, Carson retreats to a remote cabin to systematically bring down the cartel by exposing their vast financial operations, knowing full well that by doing so, he will be tracked down and forced to endure the most agonizing of deaths. He gives himself just one week ...
Rating: 6.2/10 (68 votes)
Director: Joey Johnson
Writer: Joey Johnson
Stars: David S. Hogan,Angela DiMarco,D'Angelo Midili,Darlene Sellers,DeRon Brigdon,Richard Carmen,Rosalie Miller,Tim Forehand,Jasmine Wright,Andy Ryan Johnson,Meg McLynn,David Lowe,Erwin Galan,Stefan Hajek,Ruth Howell
Runtime: 87 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Mystery,Thriller
Released: 2017 Dec 28
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