My New Best Friend Full Movie

My New Best Friend posterPlot: COOPER BRAWN (40s) is a cynical, hard-nosed K-9 cop who spends his days tracking down bad guys and his nights hanging out with his surfer pals. And he wonders why his relationship with his ex-fiancé, SAMANTHA PHILLIPS (30s) didn't work out. Still, he hopes to re-kindle the romance. Samantha is upset at herself for still having feelings for Cooper and makes plans to move away so she can get over him. Then, spunky PENELOPE "POLKA-DOT" DAUGHT (11) enters Cooper's life by inventing a "Cops for Kids" program in which she helps take care of Luey at the Police Kennel. Charmed by the young ragamuffin, Cooper lets Polka-dot work, unaware she would eventually sneak into the kennel late in the evening to bring Luey home. Polka-dot lives with her mom, FRANCES (40s), who is battling a serious illness. To gain courage, Polka-dot identifies with her hero, Huckleberry Finn. After all, Huck was an orphan who navigated a mighty river on his way to a new life. Meanwhile, Frances' health declines to the ...
Rating: 6.6/10 (184 votes)
Director: Terry Ingram
Writer: Jim Buck,Karen Struck
Stars: James Denton,Lilah Fitzgerald,Laura Mennell,Kirsten Robek,Chris Gauthier,Dalias Blake,Michael Kopsa,Xantha Radley,Jordan Ashley Olson,Bronwen Smith,Sebastian Gacki,Graham Verchere,Gary Peterman,Gabrielle Giraud
Runtime: 88 min
Genre: Family
Released: 2015 Jan 04
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