Maul Dogs Full Movie

Maul Dogs posterPlot: Cal runs a comic book store/tattoo parlor in an inner city strip mall. Along with his friends, Uno and Kossi, who also have businesses in the strip, they never gave a second thought to the future of their community. Until one day the landlord gambles away all of his money and the strip mall to the neighborhood gang boss and bowling king pin Devine. In order to save their jobs they struggle to come up with Devine's money enlisting the help of their friends and neighbors who come together to support them with no questions asked. Unfortunately their efforts aren't enough and they are still short of money. Having had the enormous support and realizing the value their business has to the community, they decide to not give up and enlist in a bowling tournament whose grand price is enough to save the strip. Unfortunately none of them know how to bowl. Their faith changes though when they realize the local weirdo/bum aka "2 Strike" used to be a bowling champion way back in the day. With a bit of convincing 2 Strike joins the team. With little time and all odds against them they prepare themselves for the winner takes all epic tournament.
Rating: 5.7/10 (26 votes)
Director: Ali Zamani
Writer: Eric Bowers, Ali Zamani, Shahram Zargari
Stars: Azadeh Afsahi, Max Amini, Liliana Arriaga, Elisha Banks
Runtime: 100 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Comedy
Released: 2015 Oct 06