Love N’ Dancing Full Movie

Love N' Dancing posterPlot: 2002: Jake Mitchell is the defending World West Coast Swing Champion. He's got everything going for him: looks, personality, and style. He's at the top of his game when he and his partner Corinne are crowned the unexpected winners at the World Swing Dance Championships. As the crowd cheers and the celebration begins, Jake appears uneasy. Did he really deserve to win? The music blasts and the bass is thumping, and Jake hears none of it. He feels it. Jake is completely deaf, due to an ear infection when he was a teenager. He learned how to dance by feeling the vibrations of the music. Now he feels something else: that perhaps the judges gave him the win out of sympathy. Present Day: Jessica Donovan's life is boring. When she was younger, she was a dancer who had dreams of Broadway. Now she's an English teacher for disinterested, upper class middle school kids, and she's dying to let loose. Her fiancee Kent is a work-a-holic who cares more about making money than making Jessica happy. ...
Rating: 5.5/10 (1 votes)
Director: Robert Iscove
Writer: Tom Malloy
Stars: Amy Smart,Tom Malloy,Billy Zane,Betty White,Ronnie DeBenedetta,Nicola Royston,Amy Hendricks,Brandi Tobias,David House,Caroline Rhea,Kristine McDonald,Ryan Rodriguez,Hanna Allerton,Kenny Resch,Brian Lucero
Runtime: 91 min
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Drama,Romance
Released: 2011 Jan 06
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