Living & Dying Full Movie

Living & Dying posterPlot: Four desperate bank robbers are forced to abandon their lucrative heist plans and become the reluctant heroes when two of their hostages turn out to be psychotic killers who won't stop until everyone in the bank has been ruthlessly slaughtered. As the police surround the building and the killers begin methodically executing the hostages.
Rating: 4.1/10 (1 votes)
Director: Jon Keeyes
Writer: Jon Keeyes
Stars: Tom Zembrod,Edward Furlong,Michael Madsen,Bai Ling,Maurice Ripke,Malgorzata Kozuchowska,Robin McGee,Venice Gell,Cynthia Marquoit,Jordana Spiro,Brandy Little,Hayden Tweedie,Curtis Wayne,Trent Haaga,Libby Villari
Runtime: 90 min (European Film Market)
Rated: R
Genre: Action,Crime,Thriller
Released: 2007 Mar 30