Le couteau dans la plaie Full Movie

Le couteau dans la plaie posterPlot: Immediately after Lisa (Loren) declares that she is leaving her immature, abusive, but easy-going husband Robert (Perkins), he is reported dead in a plane crash. Secretly still alive, he convinces her to collect his life insurance, although she knows that it's a bad idea. Lisa must contend with the complications of the scheme, which involve an aggressive suitor (Young), Robert's jealousy, and her own guilt.
Rating: 6.4/10 (752 votes)
Director: Anatole Litvak
Writer: André Versini,Peter Viertel
Stars: Sophia Loren,Anthony Perkins,Gig Young,Jean-Pierre Aumont,Yolande Turner,Tommy Norden,Mathilde Casadesus,Billy Kearns,Barbara Nicot,Louis Falavigna,Elina Labourdette,Régine,Pascale Roberts,Sophie Réal,Jean Ozenne
Genre: Crime,Drama
Released: 1962 Dec 12