La enfermedad del domingo Full Movie

La enfermedad del domingo posterPlot: Anabel is a high-class old lady who lives happy in Barcelona (Catalonia, northeast to Spain) with her husband and businessman Bernabé and her daughter Greta. But during a meeting-dinner organized by Anabel, she realizes that Chiara, her daughter from her first marriage with Matthieu, appears after thirty years disguised as a member of the staff who attends the dinner. Discovering herself and causing a shock in Anabel, Chiara asks her mother to spend ten days together. After an failed try to give Chiara money to avoid the petition, a reluctant Anabel accepts Chiara's request, moving to the same house where she lived before to leave Matthieu in a little town of the French Pyrenees. Strangers between them, Anabel and Chiara pass the days in uncomfortable situations, with Anabel trying to learn the reason of Anabel's request and Chiara keeping silence about it. Puzzling between former memories of her youth and her attempts to know better her daughter, all changes when Chiara reveals her ...
Rating: 7.2/10 (326 votes)
Director: Ramón Salazar
Writer: Ramón Salazar
Stars: Bárbara Lennie,Susi Sánchez,Greta Fernández,Bruna González,David Kammenos,Richard Bohringer,Miguel Ángel Solá,Manuel Castillo,Ima Ranedo,Mònica Van Campen,Fred Adenis,Iván Morales,Carla Linares,Abdelatif Hwidar,Lucy Tillett
Runtime: 113 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama
Released: 2018 Feb 23
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