Josephine Doe Full Movie

Josephine Doe posterPlot: Claire tells the police officer, "It was all Jo's idea." But who's Jo? Jo is the bright spark in Claire’s recently darkened reality; a new friend in an otherwise isolated world. The two young women hit the town to let off some steam-and find themselves in trouble with local law enforcement. In the blink of an eye, Claire discovers that Jo is not what she seems-not at all-and her easy friendship with the lighthearted, young woman splits open to reveal the truth. Luminously shot in black and white, Josephine Doe is a raw exploration of family trauma and mental health that shows the thin line between our realities.
Rating: 6.1/10 (39 votes)
Director: Ryan Michael
Writer: Erin Cipolletti
Stars: Erin Cipolletti,Emma Griffin,Elisabeth Bennett,Bassey Esanetok,Jennifer Trier,Lucas Bentley,Dacy Freeman,Michael 'Stake' Morton III,Jared Bailey,John Mess,Chad Bennett,Caroline Bozzi,Sandy Brown,Thomas Denegre,David DuVal
Runtime: 70 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama
Released: 2018 Mar 06
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