Jarring Full Movie

Jarring posterPlot: What would you do if you accidentally dialed a wrong number and got the following message? "Everyone wears the mask of sanity simply because it is part of their vanity. They say it's ill to kill. But who are they? Put to death. Deprive of life. Rule out. Delete, erase. Extinguish my flame. Ah, you have no clue. No money, no power, no pull. I veto your bill. I thwart your finale. I dress to kill. I'm on top of my game. You can't. You can't. You just simply can't. Distinguish my name. So I asked Jack and he had to rip. Ed had no gain. What a trip; to have killed in vain. Kenny was white, Angelo good, someone's always watching. You know you should, would, could?" You'd keep calling to hear the next one, right? Stories intertwine as two people disappear after discovering a phone number with bizarre voice messages. Soon thereafter their friends are terrorized by a series of phone calls and text messages that taunt them with riddles and disturbing images and lure them into a search through ...
Rating: 4.6/10 (44 votes)
Director: Ivo Raza
Writer: Ivo Raza
Stars: Nicky Castellano,Alejandro Cure,Thomas Dunn,Luca Emilie,Gisela Garbezza,Stephane Giraud,Geovanni Gopradi,Julie Kendall,Dan Kennedy,Joe Kimble,A.J. Knapp,Tammy LaPointe,Lynda Lurei,Leif Lynch,Valerie Matlock
Runtime: 83 min
Rated: R
Genre: Horror,Mystery,Thriller
Released: 2018 Mar 05
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