In Her Blood Full Movie

In Her Blood posterPlot: Thirteen-year-old, Hadley, and her little sister find themselves hungry and homeless. Hadley reaches out to their estranged family, only to discover they were safer on the streets.
Rating: 2.4/10 (22 votes)
Director: Heather Ann McBride
Writer: Heather Ann McBride
Stars: Robert Randall,John Vaughan Lemhouse,Doug Anders,Lia Rose Dugal,Erin Emmert,Sarah Elizabeth Greene,Jordyn Johnson,John Jurkowski,Brigitte L. McBride,Zar Oelke,Kris Paul,Ava Schwartz,Robert Slaughter,Roberta Swift,Abigail Rose Young
Rated: N/A
Genre: Thriller
Released: 2018 Jan 19
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