How to Make a Monster Full Movie

How to Make a Monster posterPlot: The CEO of Clayton Software, Faye Clayton, lays off her development team after their latest game project, called "Evilution", receives numerous disastrous test previews, and begins her search for a new team. During this search, she selected a team of renowned game designers, Bug, Hardcore, Sol, led by Peter Drummond as replacements. At the same time, they are informed that a bonus of a million dollars would be awarded to those who make the game the most scariest, through innovation means. Despite the rivalry among them, they work together to make a game scary enough to scare the kids in four weeks. Just as Sol adds his powerful AI chip into the hard drive, the lightning strike causes a power surge which brings "Evilution" to life. The programmers are soon confined in the building, becoming targets of their killer game they've created and the virtual nightmare begins.
Rating: 4.4/10 (1 votes)
Director: George Huang
Writer: George Huang
Stars: Steven Culp,Clea DuVall,Tyler Mane,Jason Marsden,Karim Prince,Julie Strain,James Sullivan,Te'ron A. O'Neal,Aaron Fors,Brittney Lee Harvey,Eric Michael Zee,Hillary Tuck,Scott Wordham,Jeff Edwards,Shane Mahan
Runtime: 91 min
Rated: R
Genre: Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller
Released: 2001 Oct 14