Hoo-goong: Je-wang-eui cheob Full Movie

The Concubine posterPlot: To escape a life of poverty, Hwa-yeon is forced to offer herself as one of the king's concubines. Once inside the royal palace, two men are immediately captivated by her. The Grand Prince Seong-won, a powerful, lust filled megalomaniac and Kwon-yoo, who has everything to lose if his desire for Hwa-yeon is exposed.
Rating: 6.1/10 (680 votes)
Director: Dae-seung Kim
Writer: Yoon-Jung Hwang, Dae-seung Kim, Mi-jung Kim
Stars: Yeo-jeong Jo, Dong-wook Kim, Min-jun Kim, Ji-Young Park
Runtime: 122 min
Genre: Drama, History
Released: 2012 Jun 06
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