Hemo Full Movie

Hemo posterPlot: Felicia and Calvin are two 'vampires' living in a desolate Long Island where things are tolerable...Until the local blood bank amps up security measures and their hunt for the red stuff sends them down a rabbit hole of desperation and decadence. Their humanitarian methods of obtaining their sanguine drug soon go out the window when they are faced with the reality of their situation. Once blood has been drawn, the scenario worsens until an all-out massacre is not far off and the maladjusted addicts must consider their rather grim fate, as a couple and as the monsters that they have become.
Rating: 4.4/10 (29 votes)
Director: Bob Freville
Writer: Bob Freville
Stars: Duane Bazazian,Steve Dash,Tara Evans,Jake McGee,James Neyman,Kevin Petroff,Pamela Price,Alexander Scire,Harley Wootton,Kenny Wootton
Runtime: 83 min
Genre: Drama,Horror
Released: 2011 Jul 15