Heart of Now Full Movie

Heart of Now posterPlot: "Heart of Now" concerns a young woman with a profound longing for a sense of family. Devastated by her boyfriend's sudden withdrawal from their relationship, she is whisked across a contrast of urban, natural and emotional landscapes. She confronts the deeper issues at the very heart of her suffering, and finds transcendence in a brief moment at the very heart of now.
Rating: 6.9/10 (80 votes)
Director: Zak Forsman
Writer: Zak Forsman
Stars: Marion Kerr,Kelly McCracken,Jason Lopez,Dusty Sorg,Mary Elise Hayden,Jonathan Erickson Eisley,Gina Gian,Alison Haislip,Laura Laurent,John T. Woods,Heath Centazzo,Cynthia Young,Zach Sheehan,Amie Breedlove
Runtime: 90 min
Genre: Drama
Released: 2010 Jun 11