From a House on Willow Street Full Movie

From a House on Willow Street posterPlot: For six weeks, Hazel, Ade, James and Mark plots a plan to abduct the daughter of a jewelry dealer Katherine When they break in the house of the family on Willow Street, Ade sees cabalistic symbols in her wardrobe and then he brings the young woman to an abandoned facility in the van. They chain Katherine in the basement and video-tape her. They send the video to her family and calls her father to ask for the ransom. They are not able to contact him by phone and Ade and James drive the van back to the house to talk to him. However they find Katherine's parents dead on their bed and two priests died on the basement. Ade finds a couple of videotapes and bring them to their hideout. When they watch the video, they see that they have unleashed a demon and they are doomed to die.
Rating: 5.8/10 (3619 votes)
Director: Alastair Orr
Writer: Catherine Blackman, Jonathan Jordaan, Alastair Orr
Stars: Carlyn Burchell, Gustav Gerdener, Zino Ventura, Sharni Vinson
Runtime: 90 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Action, Horror
Released: 2017 Mar 24
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