Fine mrtve djevojke Full Movie

Fine mrtve djevojke posterPlot: A lesbian couple rents an apartment in a seemingly normal building which happens to be populated with all kinds of freaks. Initially kind but unaware of their secret, a landlady tries to introduce one of them to his son, but after spying on them through the keyhole, the Pandora's box of hatred and violence has been opened.
Rating: 7.3/10 (1 votes)
Director: Dalibor Matanic
Writer: Dalibor Matanic,Mate Matisic
Stars: Olga Pakalovic,Nina Violic,Kresimir Mikic,Inge Appelt,Ivica Vidovic,Milan Strljic,Hrvoje Barisic,Marko Bertok,Mirko Boman,Vlado Brkic,Franjo Capan,Sinisa Conda,Jadranka Djokic,Ivana Dragicevic,Paula Fistrek
Runtime: 77 min
Genre: Drama,Thriller
Released: 2004 Jun 10
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