Final Draft Full Movie

Final Draft posterPlot: A screenwriter suffering from writers block decides to lock himself in his apartment for 18 days in order to meet a career-making deadline. His script involves characters from his past, including a terrifying and disfigured clown. As cabin fever sets, he soon finds himself living in a world where what's real and what's fiction begin to cross lines with chilling and fatal consequences.
Rating: 4/10 (524 votes)
Director: Jonathan Dueck
Writer: Darryn Lucio
Stars: James Van Der Beek,Darryn Lucio,Tara Spencer-Nairn,Jeff Roop,Melanie Marden,Adam MacDonald,Devon Ferguson,Julia Schneider,Brandi Alexander,Kyle McDonald,Kerry Michael Saxena,Adam Kennedy,Dave Hemstad,Chuck Willcocks,Deborah Odell
Rated: N/A
Genre: Horror,Thriller
Released: 2007 Sep 18