Everto Full Movie

Everto posterPlot: School is almost out. The weather is warm, the summer near, and Skylar Winters' friend was just murdered. She saw a man, standing over the corpse, holding a knife... but no trace of a man was found by police. Her sister, Molly, is concerned for her. Hayden, her boyfriend, is tired of hearing about it. And Detective Haze has seen enough in his day to give her any credit. Skylar must stand her ground and face the relentlessly sinister threat so that those around her do not meet the same fate as her friend.
Rating: 4.7/10 (30 votes)
Director: Antoine McKnight
Writer: Antoine McKnight (story), Antoine McKnight, Jackie Miller
Stars: Alessandra Spoletini, Allison Schuette, Jonathan Schneider, Michael Schneider
Runtime: 114 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Released: 2016 May 23
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