Devils in the Darkness Full Movie

Devils in the Darkness posterPlot: Mike is studying for his med school entrance exams, and wants a job that will leave him time to study. He is hired to help Mr. Pinborough, a wealthy recluse who lives in the woods, and requires constant care. Mike's job is to assist the head caregiver Robin. Soon, he is haunted by dark creatures and things hit a peak when Robin disappears.
Rating: 4.4/10 (41 votes)
Director: Daniel Falicki
Writer: Daniel Falicki,Daniel Falicki
Stars: David Gries,Lisa Mueller,Joseph Scott Anthony,Shirley Clemens,Joshua Lieske,Tonya Cooper,Casey Webb,Ryan Lieske,Elizabeth Merriman,Daniel Falicki
Runtime: 106 min
Rated: R
Genre: Horror,Thriller
Released: 2015 Apr 15