Delete Lovers Full Movie

Delete Lovers posterPlot: A young man named So Boring is very unlucky in both his professional and personal lives. He discovers a way to delete unpleasant people from his life and substitute them with nice people. His dream life seems to have come true, with nice family, friends and colleagues around him. However, he discovers what he truly wants in his life along the process, and he learns an important lesson in his life .
Rating: 5/10 (75 votes)
Director: Patrick Kong
Writer: Patrick Kong
Stars: J. Arie,Jacquelin Ch'ng,Julian Cheung,Justin Cheung,Babyjohn Choi,Erica Chui,Maria Cordero,Michael Hui,Ava Liu,Jinny Ng,Eliza Sam,Lukian Wang,Cho-Lam Wong,Ivana Wong,Michael Wong
Runtime: 110 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Comedy,Romance
Released: 2014 May 08
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