Decisions Full Movie

Decisions posterPlot: Randi is in her late thirties and going through her first divorce. Randi has become the definition of a hot mess at this point in her life. Randi runs in to her little brother's old high school friend Vince at a party. What Randi finds out is that Vince is battling demons of his own. Vince struggles to put his past and his drug addiction behind him as Randi struggles with her new lonely life. Randi & Vince cling to each other and enter into a challenging relationship Randi battles her friends,family and co-workers who all tell her Vince is a disaster and she shouldn't get involved. Vince struggles with his past and present. Vince's ex Summer is determine not to let Vince leave his past behind. Randi & Vince's both learn that everyone struggles with the tough choices they make in life. Right, wrong or indifferent there are always Decisions
Rating: 5.5/10 (18 votes)
Director: Jason Rowe,Larry Stanley
Writer: Diana Claussen,Larry Stanley
Stars: Larry Stanley,Suzanne Racz,Angela Waits,Grace Lee Sells,Melody Brooke,Bridgette Mishelle,Scot Michael Walker,Greg Gibbins,Lisa Simpson,Sheril Rodgers,Andrew Sather,Austin Wright,Kelsey Walton,Paige Bluejacket,Sherri Small Truitt
Runtime: 107 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama
Released: 2015 Feb 14