Dead in the Water Full Movie

Dead in the Water posterPlot: Two sisters and their boyfriends drive to a small cabin to spend the weekend with the girls parents. However, when they arrive, they find them missing and the cabin in disarray. Things worsen as they become stranded at the remote lake, cars not starting, cell phones useless. As the autumn sun fades away something creeps from its lake dwelling in search of blood... human blood. And while the mystery of what happened to the parents unravels so too does the bond of friendship as pasts crash in on the present. Not everyone will survive the night, but those that do will be dead in the water.
Rating: 3/10 (104 votes)
Director: Marc Buhmann
Writer: Marc Buhmann,David Moore
Stars: Alissa Bailey,Christie Burgess,Megan Renee Burgess,Jake Paque,Mike Parrish,Bill Zasadil
Rated: R
Genre: Horror,Thriller
Released: 2007 Sep 19
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