Day Out of Days Full Movie

Day Out of Days posterPlot: Mia Roarke is an actress quickly approaching 40. She's had her moment in the spotlight and now struggles to get back to where she once was. Or anywhere. Mia can't catch a break, and in the cutthroat world of The Business, Mia is her own worst enemy. No matter how hard she tries, she's competing in a younger woman's world and she can't get used to the idea that she's 'too old' and no longer viable. Her agent wants to get rid of her, she's got a controlling mother she supports and an ex husband who is poised for stardom. Then, a strange and humiliating turn of events gives her the chance to come back into the spotlight.
Rating: 5.7/10 (102 votes)
Director: Zoe R. Cassavetes
Writer: Zoe R. Cassavetes,Zoe R. Cassavetes
Stars: Chris Brenner,Cameron Britton,Guy Burnet,Bonnie Burroughs,Liz Carey,Myndy Crist,Frank Ferruccio,Matty Goldberg,Melanie Griffith,Leah Haley,Isaac Harrison,Eddie Izzard,Cheyenne Jackson,Sheila Jenkins,Callum Joyce
Runtime: 80 min
Genre: Drama,Mystery,Thriller
Released: 2018 Feb 23
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