Cooking with Love Full Movie

Cooking with Love posterPlot: Optimistic and cheerful TV producer, Kelly, doesn’t have time for love. Bad boy celebrity chef, Stephen, doesn’t have time for anything besides cooking. Fun with a side of love ensues as Kelly and Stephen are paired on a children's cooking show.
Rating: 7/10 (37 votes)
Director: Jem Garrard
Writer: Justine Cogan Gunn,Marcy Holland
Stars: Ali Liebert,Brett Dalton,Kimberly Sustad,Gabrielle Rose,Janet Kidder,Christian Michael Cooper,Islie Hirvonen,Matt Hamilton,Lisa MacFadden,Preston Vanderslice,Aria Birch,Austin Abell,Julius Fair
Rated: TV-G
Genre: Comedy,Romance
Released: 2018 Feb 11
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