City Boys: Backcountry Adventures Full Movie

City Boys: Backcountry Adventures posterPlot: "City Boys Backcountry Adventures" (2016, short film), written by Stella Constance. It is a story of community building, as ordinary individuals get caught up in times of extraordinary circumstances, that tests their choices of who they will become. This impactful tale begins as two young brothers from the city, Will and Peter embark on an adventure in the backcountry, meeting mysterious people along the way, as they unlock the secrets hidden in the woods. The boys stumble across a legend of peril and a valuable item, hidden in the forest. The younger brother, Peter, meets a girl who goes missing shortly after their close encounter with a predatorial entity. The brothers and a local teen resident are then forced to make a life altering decision: whether to walk away from the girl's dilemma, like what others have done in the nearby local community with past cases, or to get involved to save her -- to do what is good and right - for the protection of themselves and their communities. In a world, where there are no bystanders, the boys' decision transforms them into what they must face becoming: heroes or victims.
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Director: Janie Fontaine
Writer: Stella Constance
Stars: Christopher Giles, Lucas Seeger, Sadey Wild, Scott Lawson
Runtime: 8 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Short, Action, Adventure
Released: 2016 Sep 21