Cásese quien pueda Full Movie

Cásese quien pueda posterPlot: Martha Higareda plays Ana Paula, a girl whose dream is to get married and have the perfect wedding, the perfect life with the perfect husband. Her fiancée is not so perfect though as he has cheated on her with her cousin. Miriam Higareda plays Daniela, a care-free girl that has been in love of her best friend since childhood but she never had the courage to tell him so. Ana Paula ends up drunk and accidentally driven out of the city unto the jungle where she founds Erik, a simple man that travels the native colonies as a doctor, that will show her that life doesn't have to be always perfect, that the simple things in life are greater. And her convictions on her upcoming marriage will be challenged. In the meantime Daniela is staying at her best friend's house to celebrate his father's birthday, and because his family teases him that he has never had a real girlfriend, Daniela pretends to be his girlfriend in front of the family, but they will both soon realize that their feelings for each other are real.
Rating: 5.7/10 (1260 votes)
Director: Marco Polo Constandse
Writer: Martha Higareda
Stars: Martha Higareda, Rocio Garcia, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Elsy Reyes
Runtime: 107 min
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Released: 2014 Feb 14