Bloodlock Full Movie

Bloodlock posterPlot: Christine and her husband Barry have bought an old fixer upper in a small town, using her recent inheritance, believing that fixing it up and a fresh start, will help her recover from a near nervous breakdown. Christine has invited her sister Lisa to move in with them unaware that she is having an affair with husband Barry. Barry, a police detective, only stays with Christine for her money and is looking a way to rid himself permanently of her. Lisa flirts with Barry under Christine?s nose delighting in the thrill of the possibility of being discovered. They find a secret room in the basement laundry with a heavy, titanium door with a cross and mystical writings, locked by an intricate mechanism. They joke about it but only as a way of coping with the mounting fear that it hides something horrible.
Rating: 3.2/10 (88 votes)
Director: William Victor Schotten
Writer: Tom McLaughlin
Stars: Ashley Gallo,Gregg Biamonte,Debra Gordon,Dominic Koulianos,Nick Foot,Karen Fox,Dirk Hermance,Larry Froehlich,William Victor Schotten,Leah Winebold,David Caleris,Amanda Baker,Gene Caleris,Lou O'Neill,Arthur Leo Collins
Genre: Horror
Released: 1970 Jan 01