Blood Pigs Full Movie

Blood Pigs posterPlot: Ninety nine percent of the worlds has been destroyed by a bio-chemical war. Technology is obsolete and the soil has been polluted leaving people with barely any food. The survivors try to continue on by hunting and consuming the living dead which has dire results as the dead flesh begins to mutate with the bio-chemical still in the atmosphere. People's digestive systems begin to evolve and force their way out of victims mouths to search for food on their own. Mutations spiral out of control into a grotesque finale.
Rating: 5.2/10 (70 votes)
Director: Brian Paulin
Writer: Brian Paulin
Stars: Joe Olson,Rich George,Richard Caron,Deana Joy,Michael O'Reilly,Donna Prisco,Anna Anderson,Allie Anderson,Brian Paulin,Anthony Menna,David Nilson,Kara Nilson,Christine Kelly,Emma Nilson Shaw,Sarah Nicklin
Runtime: 85 min
Genre: Horror
Released: 2010 Oct 15