Ass Backwards Full Movie

Ass Backwards posterPlot: "Ass Backwards" is an irreverent female buddy comedy about two childhood best friends who are pushing the age of 30 and not quite where they thought they'd be in life. When they run into their former beauty pageant nemesis, they decide to go on a road trip back home to recapture the pageant crown which eluded them as children. On the road, they face some hard truths about themselves and each other as they encounter spring breakers, strip clubs, a women's militant group and their favorite reality star. This heightened comedic awakening leads us into an unforgettable third act finale that is the girls' homecoming and final reckoning with their past, present and future.
Rating: 4.2/10 (1848 votes)
Director: Chris Nelson
Writer: June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson
Stars: June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson, Jon Cryer, Vincent D'Onofrio
Runtime: 85 min
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Released: 2013 Jan 21