Animal Farm Full Movie

Animal Farm posterPlot: An animated film from 1999 based on the famous novel by George Orwell. Animals on a farm lead a revolution against the farmers to put their destiny in their own hands. However this revolution eats their own children and they cannot avoid corruption.
Rating: 6/10 (5 votes)
Director: John Stephenson
Writer: George Orwell,Alan Janes
Stars: Kelsey Grammer,Ian Holm,Julia Louis-Dreyfus,Julia Ormond,Pete Postlethwaite,Paul Scofield,Patrick Stewart,Peter Ustinov,Alan Stanford,Caroline Gray,Gail Fitzpatrick,Jimmy Keogh,Noel O'Donovan,Gerard Walsh,Jer O'Leary
Runtime: 91 min
Rated: PG
Genre: Comedy,Drama,Family
Released: 1999 Oct 03