94 Feet Full Movie

94 Feet posterPlot: An industry that has sustained a town for over 100 years, announces that it is closing its doors. A family that has been the cornerstone of the community. has given up. The only thing that can save the dying little town... IS AN UNSPEAKABLE TRAGEDY. From Chip Rossetti, the writer and director of FATHERS, THE ACCIDENTAL MISSIONARY and THE BORROWED CHRISTMAS, comes a faith based adventure into the HEART of a family, and the CORE of a mountain. 94 FEET.
Rating: 3.5/10 (110 votes)
Director: Chip Rossetti
Writer: Chip Rossetti
Stars: Larry Wilcox, Jeremy Childs, Skeeta Jenkins, Courtney Lee Simpson
Runtime: 113 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama
Released: 2016 Jan 29