1921 Full Movie

1921 posterPlot: When Ayush arrives in England to learn music, he is shocked and scared when the manor he is living in becomes haunted by spirits. To exorcise them, he seeks the help of Rose, a woman who can see and speak with them.
Rating: 4.5/10 (357 votes)
Director: Vikram Bhatt
Writer: Vikram Bhatt,Esha Desai
Stars: Zarine Khan,Karan Kundrra,Manjit Singh,Vikram Bhatt,Rachel Shaw,Jazz Gee,Farida Mughal Singh,Sonnia Armstrong,Toby Hinson,Michael Walker,Mark Williams,Neil Broome,Grace Hendy,Wayne McAulay,Chris Orton
Runtime: 144 min
Genre: Horror,Romance,Thriller
Released: 2018 Jan 12
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